All in one - the knowledge and the know how.

GLEDOS platform revolutionizes learning by bringing tailored learning to those who need it. Whether you’re a first-time student or a lifelong learner, we connect a wide range of content providers with your non-formal and formal learning needs. We enable the creation of education programs that meet the needs of employers, increase the employment rate, and improve the standard of living for everyone.

GLEDOS will revolutionize the way we learn by eliminating inefficiencies of the current education system:

  • How often have you sat through classes irrelevant to your profession or your passion?
  • How often were you dissatisfied with the quality of the lectures, professors, or content (but still paid for it all)?
  • How often were you unsure which classes to take to reach your learning goals?
  • How many times you wanted to mix and match classes from different learning institutions, but couldn’t?

Talents, meet your dream jobs. Dream jobs, meet your talents.

GLEDOS’ key partner is the business sector. We gather key trends from each industry and job openings, and feed that data to our AI engine. The engine collects data from job posts and as it does so, learns about the current requirements of the job market. After analysing the data, we help students navigate a maze of learning pathways across content providers to reach their career goals and land their dream job. At the same time, we enable businesses to acquire the best fit talent for their needs.

Constant student feedback on the taken classes fine-tunes the quality and relevance of the content. This global system taps the opportunity to study anywhere without travelling and significantly decreases the overall cost of learning. Scholarships, mentorships, and partnerships on the GLEDOS platform provide invaluable experiences to the students to increase their knowledge and relevance.

Alpha coming soon.

Value for students.

GLEDOS is designed around the needs of students.
Lower cost of education.
Time flexibility.
Higher employment rate.
Access to the best education available.
Faster time-to-market and higher value-to-market.
Experience-based learning through partnerships with businesses.
More focus, less stress.
Ease of credit transfer when changing programs or universities.

Value for Students
Value for Businesses

Value for businesses.

Competent and knowledgeable employees.
Employ students in the early phases of their education, so that they get familiar with your business and gain valuable experience.
Impact the development of educational programs.
Attract students with scholarship programs.
Invest in the best-fit students through scholarships.
Select from a global pool of students.
Reduce selection and hiring costs.

Value for universities and other learning providers.

Effortlessly grow your businesses into microcredentials and nano-degrees.
Receive live data from users to help drive content development and exchange good teaching practices.
Bring (non)commercial content to a worldwide market and enable marketing and monetization of knowledge.
Maintain contacts with industries for easier access to research funds and public-private research partnerships.

Value for universities and other learning providers
Value for the Environment

Value for the environment.

Our platform decreases the need of travelling from and to or living near the location of education. Thus we contribute to a smaller carbon impact of educational processes.
GLEDOS platform facilitates a wider distribution of latest and usually environmentally friendly technology breakthroughs.
We promote a worldwide sustainable development and environmentally friendly behaviour.

Value for the society.

One of our goals is to lead in overcoming the skills gap and to tackle structural unemployment and gross domestic products.
We strive for lowering social differences and, again, preserving the environment.
GLEDOS platform aims at accelerating the entrance to the labour market, relieving the pension and other social security funds.
Continuous (more) education lowers dementia and other mental and physical health risks, which also bring substantial expenditure to social security funds.
Our goal is to facilitate optimal allocation of knowledge and increase competitiveness of content providers – "knowledge's race to the top". Access to knowledge empowers democratic changes in the world.

Value for Society