GLEDOS for the future


3 September 2018 – Dear Gledos community, partners and friends,

Due to the current exceptionally unpredictable and volatile state of the crypto market, we decided to suspend the ICO part of the project for the time being, and obtain the necessary funding in a more predictable form.

Our Gledos project is still going strong acquiring partners along the way with the goal of the development of the Beta version of the platform and inclusion of the early users and adopters. We will keep you posted on the major milestones.

We thank you for your support that made it possible to come so far. Please stay tuned to our channels to get the latest news and the progress of the project.

All the best to all.

GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik to Speak at TEDx Event


29 May 2018 – Artificial intelligence and the future of jobs will be the topics GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik will address in his TEDx appearance to be held 31 May 2018 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The event titled “A Journey to Uncertainty. Are you Replaceable?” will be organized by TEDxEF which is an independently organized TED event.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. It began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics – from science to business to global issues – in more than 100 languages. Independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

GLEDOS at the Slovenian Blockchain Association Event


28 May 2018 – GLEDOS will appear at the Slovenian Blockchain Association’s event New Unicorns on the Horizon to be held 31 May, 18PM, at Gig in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

GLEDOS’ CTO Tomaž Valjavec will introduce the opportunities for innovation in the current education system by using the latest technologies in the IT toolbox: blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The organizer – Slovenian Blockchain Association (Blockchain združenje, zavod za raziskave tehnologij verižnih blokov) – frequently hosts social and informative events to educate about blockchain, its impact, examples, and regulation. It connects blockchain enthusiasts with universities and companies working with the technology. The Association also conducts tailored technology researches on the blockchain technology and its use cases.

The Association is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and it has partnerships with similar initiatives around the world.

The Panel Discussion on the Future of Education Attracted Nearly a Hundred Professionals


19 May 2018 – Together with the University of Malta and Bitcoin Club Malta, GLEDOS organized the Blockchain & Education Future Show in Malta and hosted a panel discussion on the future of education.

The discussants were GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik, entrepreneur Elaine Mulcahy, crypto-entrepreneur and Bitcoin Club Malta founder Leon Siegmund, University of Malta professor Joseph Falzon, and education consultant and GLEDOS advisor Anthony F. Camilleri. The discussion was moderated by Sinead Mowlds.

“Employers should provide a culture of constant learning,” was one of the messages delivered by Prof. Falzon.

“I had a natural drive to learn, but soon the lessons were too long to fit my program,” described Mr. Siegmund and continued: “I was trapped in the one-fits-all program.” “Education is overdue to innovation and it is happening now.”

Besides being a crypto-entrepreneur, Mr. Siegmund’s expertise in schooling also lead him to an advisory role in the secondary school in Gzira and a startup school on the Island of Gozo, Malta.

“In the last five years, millions of people globally took open online courses offered for free from the ivy league universities. So the assumption would be that this would improve access to education,” said Mr. Camilleri. “But it turns out that 60% of people participating in these courses are white teachers in the Western countries and the reason for that is that widening access to education is not just a matter of making materials more available, but it’s working with communities to convince people that they have a chance to access education.”

“Students need informed and data driven decisions for the right career path,” emphasized Mr. Koritnik. “In the last three years, I found great quality content in smaller universities, without the global reach.”

The panel discussion attracted nearly a hundred education experts, educators, technology enthusiasts, HR representatives, project managers, and investors.

Blockchain & Education Future Show


19 May 2018 – Together with the Bitcoin Club Malta and University of Malta, GLEDOS organizes later in the evening today a meetup and panel discussion on the future of education and roles of technologies in it, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Education is not just a core element of everyone’s career. It’s the fundamental story of human progress. We are about to witness a revolution in education driven by technology. With blockchain, AI, e-learning, nanoDegerees and microLearning, a new way of learning is born. Gledos is a platform that revolutionizes learning by bringing tailored learning to those who need it. On Saturday, 19 May, it will be presented publicly in Malta for the first time.

Already, more than 100 registrations for the event are noted, mostly by industry leaders in gaming and finance, HR representatives, education experts and educators, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts.

GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik will present the platform for the future of education. He will be accompanied by three distinguished panelists – Prof. Joseph Falzon, Leon Siegmund, and Elaine Mulcahy.

Professor Joseph Falzon is the Head of the Department of Banking and Finance and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta. Leon Siegmund is a crypto-entrepreneur living in Malta and founder of the Bitcoin Club. He is very engaged to help Malta become a hub for blockchain companies and to stick out as a leader in this digital revolution.

Renowned International Expert Joins GLEDOS’ Advisory Board


17 May 2018 – Sandra Feliciano, a lecturer at Politécnico do Porto and research associate at the Knowledge Innovation Centre, is the latest expert to join GLEDOS’ Advisory Board. Her principal fields of expertise are quality management and standardization in education.

Ms. Feliciano has over 20 years of experience with quality management applied to complex sectors where the human factor is critical, such as education, health and social care services, government and aerospace. She is an experienced international consultant and trainer as well as a qualified auditor and evaluator for several accreditation and certification schemes in these sectors.

GLEDOS’ new advisor collaborates with the United Nations in several projects related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and education about standardization. She has degrees in social sciences and evaluation in education.

Having worked with policy-making and national, European and international standardization since 2008, she recently represented Portugal and Angola at ISO/TC176 during the last revision of ISO 9001 and led the development of ISO 21001, the first ISO management system standard for educational Organizations.

ISO 9001 is an international standard by the International Organization for Standardization that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 21001 is a recent international standard which provides management tools for organizations that offer educational products and services. It intends to help education providers meet students’ requirements and needs. ISO 21001 is based on ISO 9001, but it provides a specific framework for educational organizations that aim to enhance the satisfaction of their learners by improving the educational processes and ensuring conformity to learners’ requirements.

Microsoft Supports GLEDOS Through its Startups Program


14 May 2018 – GLEDOS was selected as one of the promising startups to benefit from the Microsoft for Startups program. As part of the program, the software giant will provide GLEDOS a complementary cloud infrastructure.

Through its program, Microsoft will provide GLEDOS free Azure credits, enterprise grade technical support and all the needed development tools. In addition, GLEDOS was also given access to productivity and business applications, including Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The program was launched by Microsoft because “startups inspire us by pushing the envelope of the possible and building products that improve our personal and professional lives. Microsoft is excited to partner with startups to empower every person and organization on the planet.”

“Projects such as GLEDOS require a top-notch global infrastructure with extremely high reliability and virtually no downtime,” remarked GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik and continued: “We are grateful to Microsoft for supporting our project by providing us with access to such a high quality cloud service.”

GLEDOS CEO Bostjan Koritnik to Deliver a Presentation at Blockchain & Connected Learning Conference


3 May 2018 – Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning will be hosting Blockchain, Credentials & Connected Learning conference on 17 and 18 May in San Anton, Malta and GLEDOS CEO Boštjan Koritnik will be one of the speakers at the conference presenting a decentralized education solution.

The conference will bring together practitioners, academics, consultants and industry specialists for engagement with thought leaders on the blockchain and connected learning. The term connected learning is used to describe a lifelong learning pathway that integrates personal interest, peer relationships, and achievement in academic, civic, or career-relevant areas, keyed to the abundance of information and social connection brought about by networked and digital media. For this learning paradigm to fully meet the expectations of students, it needs to contribute to their personal and professional aspirations, necessitating it to be supported by a system to measure, record and share educational achievements.

Through its ability to act as a decentralized, stakeholder-led, trusted and interoperable ledger of achievement, blockchain has the potential to be the connective fabric that links different learning experiences across formal and non-formal domains, irrespective of the medium.

National and regional policy-makers will discuss how governments can facilitate innovation in blockchain technology and apply it to educational uses, while sharing early progress in the field. Thought-leaders in academia and law will scrutinize issues around student data collection, ownership of student data, concepts of identity in the digital world, and what blockchain contributes to this in an era of big-data.

Academics and thinkers will examine the possible futures which can be unwritten by technology that allows for true decentralised student-driven learning. Entrepreneurs and stakeholders will present ideas for new educational systems, products and business models enabled by blockhain technologies.

GLEDOS at Crypto Valley Blockchain Summit 2018


26 April 2018 – The GLEDOS team attended Crypto Valley Blockchain Summit 2018 in Zug, Switzerland, discussing the future of education with many different professionals from the technology, business, insurance, legal, and finance world.

The summit in Zug, dubbed a Silicon Valley of Europe and with one of the largest concentration of blockchain technology enterprises, attracted nearly 400 businesspersons, engineers, lawyers, and crypto enthusiasts. This year, the summit focused on the intersection of enterprise and startup approaches to building new things with distributed ledger technology.

As Janez Zemljak, GLEDOS’ Community Lead, remarked, the GLEDOS solution was received very favorably by all the interlocutors. “Our education system needs a leap forward if we want to secure prosperity for the future generations, was the main message conveyed by various professionals we met at the summit. And they were excited about the way we are addressing this issue”.

The GLEDOS team discussed the possibilities to cooperate, among others, with the president of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland Lucas Betschart, co-founder of Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures Josh Harley, and co-founder of Crypto Valley Labs Ralf Glabischnig.

GLEDOS Meets Joseph Lubin, the Ethereum Co-founder


11 April 2018 – The management of the GLEDOS team met with Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of the Ethereum platform, at the European Blockchain Summit in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, organized by the Blockchain Alliance Europe, the Slovenian Government and ConsenSys corporation.

Mr. Lubin (in the center of the picture, to the left and right of him: GLEDOS’ Tomaž Valjavec and Janez Zemljak) remarked that the blockchain technology represented web 3.0, a decentralized web which will enable true sharing economy. He also underscored that platforms such as Uber and Airbnb have done much for sharing economy by bringing it to the forefront, but we can “do so much better” because such platforms are actually nothing but big intermediaries. GLEDOS is developing a platform where students can select from among top professors and courses worldwide which best fit their education pathway.

Mr. Lubin is also the founder of ConsenSys, a co-organizer of the summit and one of the fastest growing decentralized organizations composed of nearly 40 companies from several different industries.

The summit was opened by Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar who reiterated the government’s wish for Slovenia to become the most desired blockchain destination in Europe. The opening addresses were followed by discussions by major opinion-makers in the industry on European initiatives for blockchain technology, regulations for blockchain technology and ICOs, as well as financing possibilities for European blockchain companies.

Support by Another Government Ministry


5 April 2018 – “We consider that GLEDOS project brings change into the field of higher education enabling development of the labor market,” remarked Slovenian minister of labor, family, social affairs and equal opportunities dr. Maja Kopac Mrak in her letter of support.

The minister recognized the importance of GLEDOS project for cutting the structural unemployment: “GLEDOS is sustainable electronic service for planning the individual’s study and career path making possible the realization of the desired job or gaining skills and knowledge needed for a competitive position on the labor market.”

One of GLEDOS’ goals is to facilitate optimal allocation of knowledge and increase competitiveness of content providers. Thus, minister dr. Anja Kopac Mrak acknowledged that “some of the remarkable goals of the GLEDOS project are contributing toward overcoming the lack of skills and faster entry into the labor market.”

“At the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, we believe that such a tool would positively contribute toward the supply of lifelong learning, lifelong career orientation and development of the labor market,” concluded Slovenian minister dr. Anja Kopac Mrak in her letter of support.

GLEDOS Ranked as One of the Top ICO Projects


22 March 2018 – The investors at the ICO event organized by the Business Angels of Slovenia in Ljubljana ranked GLEDOS as one of the most promising and exciting ICO projects this year.

GLEDOS was one of the nine shortlisted ICO projects (out of a couple of dozen projects) that delivered its presentation to potential investors at the Business Angels of Slovenia event ICO Demo Day. As the oldest and most prominent club of angel investors in Slovenia, the Business Angels of Slovenia integrate the most experienced investors with a high level of integrity, extensive business experience, rich social capital and the willingness to assist a fast-growing startup.

“The acknowledgment by the Business Angels of Slovenia shows us the business community sees great potential in the education sector and recognizes that we at GLEDOS are on the right track,” remarked Tomaž Valjavec, the GLEDOS CTO.

GLEDOS Makes its First Pitch

3 March 2018 – The GLEDOS CTO Tomaž Valjavec delivered a first public presentation of the GLEDOS, a single-place-to-learn solution, at a Blockchain MeetUp in the Croatian capital Zagreb organized by Cotrugli Business School.

Cotrugli Business School is an internationally recognized institution, accredited by AMBA, with the reputation of the leading business school in Southeastern Europe.

Slovenian Minister Expresses Her Support


20 February 2018 – “We consider that GLEDOS project brings necessary change into the field of higher education,” expressed Slovenian minister of education, science and sport Dr. Maja Makovec Brencic in her letter of support.

The platform “constitutes sustainable electronic service for the planning of one’s educational path based on his or hers ambition to gain certain employment or to achieve certain employable skills and competences,” emphasized minister Dr. Makovec Brencic and continued: “We are of the opinion that such tool in Slovenian higher education area would positively impact the development of lifelong learning arrangements in higher education institutions.”

Since both lifelong learners and first-time students often lose focus for their career path one of GLEDOS’ goals is to help bring them back on track. The platform will help students and working professionals that are seeking to bulk up their resumes with relevant knowledge and field-specific skills navigate their learning path. In the process, GLEDOS uses the artificial intelligence engine developed by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Institut Jozef Stefan to derive the job requirements from existing job postings and creates a custom learning path for each student.